Teepeekay of Dragons

Session 4

Wherein the party drinks. A lot.

Need to come up with plan to get into camp. We wait outside camp to try and join another group coming in. Also kill our prisoner. After 20 minutes we see one approaching from the East of the camp. We claim we were ambushed by city spies. They tell us to report to Capt. Baren. We say that our leader knew Baren but we hadn’t met him yet. Gate guards – one is napping, one is drunk.

We are led right to Capt. Baren. Middle aged, leather armor, red sun patch, and drunk. Tell him that we paid guy to get us recruited to real job. Baren seems to buy it. Abmeth convinces him we are drunk and signed on with some dude who split. We are sent out. Barrow tries to swipe some papers from Baren’s desk but fails. We exit and Baren heads to the back of the camp to a really big hut with armed guards near a cave. Abmeth hangs out with the hunters and chit-chats. Barrow dodges back in Baren’s tent and riffles through his papers. Payrolls, some Lieutenant Darys Stone, Commander Sill Barlub, Cyanwrath references. Looks like there were three dozen red sun and some number of bandits. Abmeth finds a keg and joins the party.

They tell us a scary story about terror guys they trapped in a Temple and who killed half the cultists. “We almost killed a party of heroes!” Then a story about how the heroes killed an entire ambush. Dragon finished the heroes off though, so it’s cool. Refers to some cultists as dragonclaws. Hear there is a wounded tent, head off in that direction. We get some bandages and Alisrassa bandages up her face. Then Mikko bets on a dog fight and buddies up with Black Sail Pirates. He learns there are a dozen and a half Black Sails. They’re on contract with no loot. Apparently all spoils are for a “Hoard of the Dragon Queen,” you know, Tiamat. Don’t know what the next job is. Becomes friends with Black Sail named Naveren.

Barrow asks about Storm Blades, some other mercenaries. “Bunch of stuck up assholes.” Their commander insists on weapons practice. Learn that Cyanwrath and Frulam live in big Tent. Don’t know what is in cave.

A bit later an older man in polished armor tells us to line up for a work detail. Mikko gets selected for that, Renn and Naveren are sent to weapon’s practice. Abmeth is selected for helping with the wounded. Alisrassa gets put on prisoner work duty to build latrines. Barrow gets TSA duty.

Renn – Weapon drill time. Practices with spear. Formation marching failure, Renn tells Stone he is new and is made to spar with another to “learn what you can do.” Renn smashes other guy in a flashy display. Impresses Stone. Introduces himself as Lt. Darys Stone, of the Storm Blades, “the only honorable company in this camp.” Seems less enthused about current contract.

Alisrassa – March to prisoner area where three dozen prisoners are, lashed to posts. Some of them are malnourished and mistreated, some of them are new. Little make-shift tent in area. Two cultists in uniform are standing guard over tent and we ignore it. We take the prisoners to latrine land and make them dig latrines. They are told to fill in latrines with hands. I convince pirates to get them shovels so work gets done faster and we can “have some fun.” I make them dance so it looks like hard work but gives them a bit of a rest.

Barrow – Inspection time. Finds some silverware made of silver. Kobold claims he knows Barrow from town. Barrow attacks him. Failing to kill him, it is lying time. Red Sun officer beats up kobold and drags him away.

Mikko – Sentinel duty. Chats up cultist on duty with him. He’s been with the cultists for a week. Doesn’t know how they got the dragon to help them at the town. Has heard they’re going to get paid really big soon, and doesn’t Mikko want to be a cultist? They’re building hoard to ameliorate Tiamat’s wrath when she returns. Plan with mercenaries to loot a lot and not pay them much. 80 cultists in camp. A boar attacks and almost wins.

Abmeth – Wounded camp. Amputation time! Claims he was a field medic for three seasons and does a masterful amputation. Medical acolyte tries to recruit him after being impressed. Finds out treasure is in cave. Also dragon eggs. Officers and dragonclaws are allowed in. Then Abmeth knocks patient out with fire, acolyte sees him do magic. She exclaims and runs off to find someone. The failure to dissemble results him in being dragged in front of Frulam Mondath. Claims magic is from mimicking priests of Tyr who fired him for stealing. Frulam tells him to get on his knees and praise Tiamat. He praised Triamrat and is dismissed as too stupid to be useful.

Party reconvenes in camp. Mikko goes back to cultist buddy and says he wants to join cult. We spread rumors about cultists stiffing mercenaries. Meanwhile Mikko’s cultist buddy tells about monk who infiltrated camp and pretended to be cultist. Frulam Mondath detected him somehow. Mikko and cultist then go to rough up monk for fun. Mikko goes into tent and finds monk. Pretends to beat him up and then talks to him. Mikko walks him out of the camp. Party decides to go with since our cover is likely blown now. We book it and get away.

We make it back to town with Leosin. He tells us they were very alarmed he was in their camp and about finding heroes in the town. They are planning on splitting out from camp in teams with loot. After 30 (What? No, you long rested after the raiders left — we went 20 miles, screwed around in camp, and came back 20 miles… close enough) hours straight of adventuring we stumble into walls and fall asleep.



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