Teepeekay of Dragons

Session 10


Barrow’s PERSONAL notes! Do not Read!

The people in this caravan are mostly chumps: honest, hard-working, and stupid. The cultists mostly keep to themselves. After casually asking around, it seems nobody knows much about them. We have been keeping our distance to avoid suspicion, but Abmeth Moorhelm is keeping an eye on that wagon.

[DM Note: Party opened the magic box with “RATS” written on the side. Multiple rat swarms poured out constantly as if it were a portal to the freaking elemental plane of rats or something. It showed no signs of stopping by the time the party finally got the lid forced shut. The exotic bird vendor released his exotic birds to help catch the rats, but one got the hedgehog. Renn saved the hedgehog and the hedgehog gained a level.]

I did manage to find out some information about the other guards that may come in handy:
Taijit – Female dwarf. Gruff, but experienced caravan guard. She takes her job seriously.
Sulsdag ‘The Pole’ – Male human. Very tall. Has made this trip before.
Leeda – Female Human from the South. Has worked with Sulsdag in the past.
Orvustia – Older human. Experienced archer.
Eldkin – Female dwarf. Perfectionist. Likes to manage other guards.

There is a boy who calls himself Buddy. He wants my bow. Like, really wants it. One morning my bow is missing. I ask Buddy, but he knows nothing. I ask other guards. One named Warond says he saw Alashi with my bow. I gather fellow guards and we have a civil discussion with Elishai’s caravan. He wisely returns the bow. Lucky for him.

Another day we come across a lone wagon under attack from Hobgoblins in the Fields of the Dead. We manage to drive off goblins. Wagon driver is named Jesser Highwater. We loan him 50g entry fee to join the caravan and fix his wagon. [DM Note: Promised a reward once he turned a profit in Waterdeep.]

Renn Auvreathem manages to keep a crazy nobleman from beating his mules to death. I don’t know who he expected to pull his wagon if he lost his animals. People in this caravan are stupid. [DM Note: hedgehog was so inspired he gained another level. He has yet to unlock the “Named” class feature for hedgehogs.]

Mikko Holloway discovers worms in the silks of Verther’s shipment. The worms are notoriously hard to get rid of and will eat the silk. [DM Note: Mikko investigated has investigated several wagons now but several more remain uninvestigated. The contents of teh gargoyle wagon where Alisrassa and Mikko are employed, the wagon of the guard who stole the bow, and the wagon whose driver was seen giving the cult hand remain unknown.

So far we have traveled nine days. We should reach Waterdeep in another 51 days. This is going to be a very long trip.



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