Teepeekay of Dragons

Session 5.5

Mayor Nighthill tells us that the goblins have stolen Christmas. Guide Fenton will take us to some goblins so we can get Christmas back. Barrow scouts ahead finding reindeer and cauldrons and merry goblins after sneaking past a bear. He shoots at the gobbos and then runs away leading them past the bear. This results in Barrow getting shot down and the Bear mauling Mikko. Defeat eventually happens.

We come back to the goblin cave and trip an alarm. Search around finding little. Squeeze into cave. Get attacked. We kill everything and then get attacked from a wooden wall built into a cave wall. Reinforcements are also killed. And then we skip down to the bottom of the cave. There is a big cave with a christmas tree and stocking and treasure. I advance in to room using a door as a tower shield, then get a net dropped on me near the tree. Two ugly sweater goblins and six normal goblins attack! We smother them under an avalanche of spells and steel.

Santa leaves us a loot pile at the cave entrance. Hurray!



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