Teepeekay of Dragons

Session 6

We attack some kobolds. Their Tiamat granted wings do not save them. Then we take a short rest to catch our breath before finishing the cleansing. Then we descend a staircase. There we find a clean finished cavern. Unfortunately there is also Cyanwrath and a bunch of powerful cronies. Alisrassa wounds him near unto death thanks to Bahamut. After several minutes of grueling fighting Mikko bolts back up the stairs believing the rest of the party slain. Thankfully Bahamut disagrees and Alisrassa manages to get the party back up by the skin of her Divine Favor. In the end we prevail.

We climb up a rope to find Frulam Mondath who wants to talk and has a magic carpet. She wants us to let her escape, we try to convince her, tell her about dragon’s directions to kill her. This shakes her but she refuses to repent. Abmeth tries to surprise attack her. We enter combat, and Barrow magically locks the door behind her, cutting off supposed reinforcements. Even imaginary dragon flock spell doesn’t save her and she goes down. Her reinforcements manage to get into the room only to have three die from readied actions. The other eight flee.

We read the papers on her desk and find:

Partial journal – Frulam was unhappy with Rezmir’s decision to take treasure and leave eggs with minimal guard. Also she had most prized jewels with her from town heist. Something about Lenithon said he killed party of adventurers but Cyanwrath said he’d killed the party paladin later. Something about logistics of taking treasure to Baldurs Gate. Camp logistics, raid preparations, bad dragon poetry with disturbing erotic imagery.

Logistics records – Names, factions, dealings in Baldurs Gate, lots of accounting records. Mention of Ivan Greenbottle and some kind of transaction with him in Baldurs Gate.

Quite a few pages – Very confusing writing. Code obviously. Multiple cyphers at work. Was written in Draconic.



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