Teepeekay of Dragons

Session 8

Onthar gives us our mission in clear terms: find cultist caravan, get in it, and find out destination without getting caught. Ratley Xafiq is a Harper contact in Baldurs Gate who is associated with the thieves’ guild . Gauntlets has a small outpost in Baldurs Gate too. Alisrassa tells Onthar about her little… problem in private. He points her to the “Song of the Morning Temple” and talk to Highlord Keldeth Dongler about it. We learn that Mikko’s beard grows really really really fast. Everyone gets disguised a little bit, Abmeth buys a fedora and holds it. Renn releases a hedgehog free and it immediately eaten by a falcon.

We head down the river on a boat. On the second day some guy waves at the boat and tries to get us to pull over to his wagon with donkey. We pull over and he comes over. Gives us a huckster routine and sells Mikko a magic ring that at least levitates itself. We continue on our way. On the third day we arrive in Baldurs Gate. There we learn Barrow fell off the boat.

Mikko and Alisrassa go shopping. We buy four charges of Dust of Dessication and Mikko gets his ring appraised. It only levitates itself. We also buy a buff hedgehog for Renn. Meanwhile Abmeth and Renn are searching for the Ratley Xafiq. They learn he operates in the docks but don’t find him that day. Evening falls and Mikko heads to a fancy inn called the Dancing Monkey where the bards are famous. Alisrassa heads to a caravan guard inn. Sounds like it is peak caravan season before the summer.

Next morning Alisrassa heads to Temple of Lathander. She meets with Keldeth who tells her that she is not dead or undead. Which is good. But apparently her spirit and body aren’t properly connected. Almost like an incomplete resurrection, kind of like how ghosts work. Or a possession. Advises Alisrassa that she avoid ghosts since she has such a bad hold on her body. Everyone else finds Ratley who is 14. One guy cultists work with is called Tikit. Also a Mr Foxtrapper [apparently this is Tikit’s last name]. There was another Harper agent who passed through a few weeks ago and he left with a shipment. Then they go talk to Ackyn. Some Black Sail pirates try to recruit the party. Abmeth trash talks them about the Red Suns being better and something about Greenest, and how no one has heard of the pirates at all. the party beats the pirates up and hand over the unconscious pirate leader to the Flaming Fists. They’re all like “Ah, Capt. Kreel finally met your match, here’s a reward.”

Only one hedgehogs were harmed (much) or kidnapped (permanently) this session.



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