Teepeekay of Dragons

Session 3
Wherein the party rerolls


-Ambushed! Ten badguys jump from hiding spots and attack with their buddy who led us into the trap. Their ambush does some damage, but our fierce counter-attack cuts them their numbers in half. The ambush quickly turns into a rout when the ambushers are forced into melee and the party is reinforced by healing potions. Only two survive.

We interrogate. They say they are Red Sun mercenaries hired to ambush the “interlopers” and by a purple clad lady. Apparently many of the raiders are just mercenaries. Back at their camp there are a couple hundred kobolds, over a hundred men (mostly mercenaries). Captain Baren leads the Red Sun. Weird chick in purple robes Frulam Mondath leads the cultists. There are two other cultist leaders, a giant lizard looking intense guy— Landregosa Cyanwrath. Rezmir is some guy Frulam reports to, looks like intense blue lizardy guy but black. Camp is a dozen miles east of here. Don’t know much about dragon.

We have heard of Red Sun, operate in southern region of Sword Coast. They have a disreputable reputation in that they play by the rules but are scummy.

We then sneak back to castle. On the way there we hear two groups arguing with each other about who was working with him. Mayor and Castellan are glad to see us and ask about what happened to Mill. Very curious to hear about mercenaries. We have just enough time to take a short rest when the dragon attacks the castle. We take up positions to return fire and oh it is terrifying. The dragon lands in the courtyard and intimidates us a bunch. He makes Mikko come out and asks him to become the dragon’s thrall. He plays with us, and then tells us to kill the purple robbed cultist in a week or he’ll kill us all. Then he leaves.

Barrow returns to the prisoners and asks them how they identified themselves to each other. Apparently there wasn’t much coordination and then didn’t expect much resistance. We try to take a long rest but are awoken at daybreak. Giant lizardy guy is at gate with a bunch of raiders and some prisoners. We watch from the wall. Apparently he will exchange prisoners if one of us duel him. Alisrassa volunteers to challenge the blue lizardy guy. He easily beats her down and then stomps on her neck. She dies. A feeling of floating on water, then rising. Her wounds stop bleeding, something weird happens and she doesn’t die from being slashed open by a greatsword. Long rest time.

Alisrassa comes back to consciousness and feels very offset and sluggish. She feels a need for something, but knows not what. After praying she feels that crusading is her new focus. Everyone else talks to Mayor who thanks everyone and asks party to infiltrate enemy camp and do what the dragon asked. Also find out everything we can.

Talk to prisoners again. Apparently Black Sails mercenaries, and unaligned dudes. We investigate around town trying to figure out if it was targeted for any particular reason. A half elf in robes approaches us (tan robes), Nessan Moladra. Monk from Belghast, went to Candlekeep, then got attacked in town. Leosan was their leader. Was in town to learn about dragon cults. He wants us to save their leader who is a half-elf with beard, moustache, black hair, slight. Mikko agrees to help him. Leosan’s life work was researching dragons especially the " Cult of the Dragon. "

We head out, catch a deer, and find a campsite of raiders roasting rabbits. Mikko approaches them telling them that we are Blacksails and everyone grabs their weapons. We slaughter them after learning little from a captive. We come nearer to the army and find its tracks leading to a valley, which is apparently weird. Boulders fall on us when we enter valley. Ambush! Everything goes sideways but we make it through by expending everything we have. We save one for questioning.

Session 2


We attempts a plan to use a small party to distract some of the enemy so the rest can slip out with less resistance. Alisrassa asks Mikko to go be a distraction for their escape and Mikko refuses. We give up on the plan and everyone runs out the back. Barrow tosses his ball-bearings right at the baddies as they boil out of the Temple after us and they faceplant. We run down the stream thanks to its bushy cover. While we’re heading back we see the Dragon overheard lightning all over a part of the city. On the way we miss a big column and someone says something about being mad about a pesty Monk and some heroes and how mad she is and something about killing.

Back to the grate, and shove the peasants in. We deliver the prisoner to Mayor Nighthill. He is very happy with us and wants to interrogate the prisoner right away. He tells us (after some persuasion) that we face the Hoard of the Dragon, Tiamat the Queen. Treasure from town would help build bigger hoard for her return. We break down his faith in Tiamat. He tells us they are led by Frulam Momdath who wears purple robes. Camp is ten miles away. They were told to loot town and a dragon came, and that was pretty awesome.

A clangor from the courtyard rings out and we run out to fight. Raiders have broken through the sally port. We slaughter a bunch of kobolds, a casting raider, and a lizard. The door gets fixed and stuff. But first some raiders try and retreat through us and we kill them. We gain a kobold prisoner.

The Mayor declares the that Mill is being burned, and the town will starve if we don’t stop it. He urges us to rush out while a force is organized to hold it. So of course we do. On the way we see a giant 7.5’ dragon guy with a greatsword kill a bunch of dudes, then sicks kobolds on us while he chases down some peasant. We make it to the mill and see them setting fires. We alpha strike a few and they run into the mill. Then ten guys ambush us. End session before the consequences.

Session 1


Something about a caravan full of people. We crest the hill and see Greencrest burning with a dragon shadow over it. The cleric and paladin immediately jump off to do battle. Everyone follows but is left in the dust as the paladin runs full speed to the rescue.

Once in town we find some looters who attack on sight. They are defeated. A group of orphans with a cripple emerge from an alley with a woman fending off some kobolds. The paladin attacks immediately. We save them of course. The man is named Koff and requests we escort them to the keep.- On the way to the keep we ambush 3 humans and five kobolds pulling a cart of loot. Take the cart and continue towards keep. We avoid an ambush and continue. Five kids join us out of some garbage and take up slings to help. A bunch of adults are found in another house and duly armed as well.

Behind a wall we hear some wailing and decide to jump 3 raiders. Kill two and one runs away. We save a man and beckon him with us. Then we make it into the keep like heroes. Once inside the keep we are sent to the mayor. Older guy, late forties, arm in a sling and bandages on head. Mayor Nighthill. He asks us to help more villagers and we agree. He tells us that Leena the Cleric can help heal us. Astalon Astabert is the Master of the Keep who might have more info for us. There is a Temple of Chauntee to the SE to save. Armory is opened to us and we grab some gear. —

We head out a secret tunnel and get attacked by rat swarms. Double locks in tunnel, have some difficulty with both but get through without leaving way open behind us. We make it to the Temple without incident. There we find a bunch of troops battering their way into the Temple and we ambush them. The priest opens the door and tells us there was pounding on the back door too. From around the side of the church arrive three dozen baddies and we run in and lock the door.

Inside we dump furniture around the doors and then open the backdoor to let baddies filter in as we defeat them in detail. The fire they lit there against the door doesn’t do much to anyone. We kill a blob of dudes and then close the door again.

Smelly Caravan
Wherein the Adventurers do reek of manure

Alisrassa was inured to the smell of manure,
Abmeth Moorhelm wished for a cure,
Barrow was irked for sure,
Mikko was thinking of the obscure,
Renn was pleased to be on tour.


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