Teepeekay of Dragons

Smelly Caravan
Wherein the Adventurers do reek of manure

Alisrassa was inured to the smell of manure,
Abmeth Moorhelm wished for a cure,
Barrow was irked for sure,
Mikko was thinking of the obscure,
Renn was pleased to be on tour.

Session 1


Something about a caravan full of people. We crest the hill and see Greencrest burning with a dragon shadow over it. The cleric and paladin immediately jump off to do battle. Everyone follows but is left in the dust as the paladin runs full speed to the rescue.

Once in town we find some looters who attack on sight. They are defeated. A group of orphans with a cripple emerge from an alley with a woman fending off some kobolds. The paladin attacks immediately. We save them of course. The man is named Koff and requests we escort them to the keep.- On the way to the keep we ambush 3 humans and five kobolds pulling a cart of loot. Take the cart and continue towards keep. We avoid an ambush and continue. Five kids join us out of some garbage and take up slings to help. A bunch of adults are found in another house and duly armed as well.

Behind a wall we hear some wailing and decide to jump 3 raiders. Kill two and one runs away. We save a man and beckon him with us. Then we make it into the keep like heroes. Once inside the keep we are sent to the mayor. Older guy, late forties, arm in a sling and bandages on head. Mayor Nighthill. He asks us to help more villagers and we agree. He tells us that Leena the Cleric can help heal us. Astalon Astabert is the Master of the Keep who might have more info for us. There is a Temple of Chauntee to the SE to save. Armory is opened to us and we grab some gear. —

We head out a secret tunnel and get attacked by rat swarms. Double locks in tunnel, have some difficulty with both but get through without leaving way open behind us. We make it to the Temple without incident. There we find a bunch of troops battering their way into the Temple and we ambush them. The priest opens the door and tells us there was pounding on the back door too. From around the side of the church arrive three dozen baddies and we run in and lock the door.

Inside we dump furniture around the doors and then open the backdoor to let baddies filter in as we defeat them in detail. The fire they lit there against the door doesn’t do much to anyone. We kill a blob of dudes and then close the door again.

Session 2


We attempts a plan to use a small party to distract some of the enemy so the rest can slip out with less resistance. Alisrassa asks Mikko to go be a distraction for their escape and Mikko refuses. We give up on the plan and everyone runs out the back. Barrow tosses his ball-bearings right at the baddies as they boil out of the Temple after us and they faceplant. We run down the stream thanks to its bushy cover. While we’re heading back we see the Dragon overheard lightning all over a part of the city. On the way we miss a big column and someone says something about being mad about a pesty Monk and some heroes and how mad she is and something about killing.

Back to the grate, and shove the peasants in. We deliver the prisoner to Mayor Nighthill. He is very happy with us and wants to interrogate the prisoner right away. He tells us (after some persuasion) that we face the Hoard of the Dragon, Tiamat the Queen. Treasure from town would help build bigger hoard for her return. We break down his faith in Tiamat. He tells us they are led by Frulam Momdath who wears purple robes. Camp is ten miles away. They were told to loot town and a dragon came, and that was pretty awesome.

A clangor from the courtyard rings out and we run out to fight. Raiders have broken through the sally port. We slaughter a bunch of kobolds, a casting raider, and a lizard. The door gets fixed and stuff. But first some raiders try and retreat through us and we kill them. We gain a kobold prisoner.

The Mayor declares the that Mill is being burned, and the town will starve if we don’t stop it. He urges us to rush out while a force is organized to hold it. So of course we do. On the way we see a giant 7.5’ dragon guy with a greatsword kill a bunch of dudes, then sicks kobolds on us while he chases down some peasant. We make it to the mill and see them setting fires. We alpha strike a few and they run into the mill. Then ten guys ambush us. End session before the consequences.

Session 3
Wherein the party rerolls


-Ambushed! Ten badguys jump from hiding spots and attack with their buddy who led us into the trap. Their ambush does some damage, but our fierce counter-attack cuts them their numbers in half. The ambush quickly turns into a rout when the ambushers are forced into melee and the party is reinforced by healing potions. Only two survive.

We interrogate. They say they are Red Sun mercenaries hired to ambush the “interlopers” and by a purple clad lady. Apparently many of the raiders are just mercenaries. Back at their camp there are a couple hundred kobolds, over a hundred men (mostly mercenaries). Captain Baren leads the Red Sun. Weird chick in purple robes Frulam Mondath leads the cultists. There are two other cultist leaders, a giant lizard looking intense guy— Landregosa Cyanwrath. Rezmir is some guy Frulam reports to, looks like intense blue lizardy guy but black. Camp is a dozen miles east of here. Don’t know much about dragon.

We have heard of Red Sun, operate in southern region of Sword Coast. They have a disreputable reputation in that they play by the rules but are scummy.

We then sneak back to castle. On the way there we hear two groups arguing with each other about who was working with him. Mayor and Castellan are glad to see us and ask about what happened to Mill. Very curious to hear about mercenaries. We have just enough time to take a short rest when the dragon attacks the castle. We take up positions to return fire and oh it is terrifying. The dragon lands in the courtyard and intimidates us a bunch. He makes Mikko come out and asks him to become the dragon’s thrall. He plays with us, and then tells us to kill the purple robbed cultist in a week or he’ll kill us all. Then he leaves.

Barrow returns to the prisoners and asks them how they identified themselves to each other. Apparently there wasn’t much coordination and then didn’t expect much resistance. We try to take a long rest but are awoken at daybreak. Giant lizardy guy is at gate with a bunch of raiders and some prisoners. We watch from the wall. Apparently he will exchange prisoners if one of us duel him. Alisrassa volunteers to challenge the blue lizardy guy. He easily beats her down and then stomps on her neck. She dies. A feeling of floating on water, then rising. Her wounds stop bleeding, something weird happens and she doesn’t die from being slashed open by a greatsword. Long rest time.

Alisrassa comes back to consciousness and feels very offset and sluggish. She feels a need for something, but knows not what. After praying she feels that crusading is her new focus. Everyone else talks to Mayor who thanks everyone and asks party to infiltrate enemy camp and do what the dragon asked. Also find out everything we can.

Talk to prisoners again. Apparently Black Sails mercenaries, and unaligned dudes. We investigate around town trying to figure out if it was targeted for any particular reason. A half elf in robes approaches us (tan robes), Nessan Moladra. Monk from Belghast, went to Candlekeep, then got attacked in town. Leosan was their leader. Was in town to learn about dragon cults. He wants us to save their leader who is a half-elf with beard, moustache, black hair, slight. Mikko agrees to help him. Leosan’s life work was researching dragons especially the " Cult of the Dragon. "

We head out, catch a deer, and find a campsite of raiders roasting rabbits. Mikko approaches them telling them that we are Blacksails and everyone grabs their weapons. We slaughter them after learning little from a captive. We come nearer to the army and find its tracks leading to a valley, which is apparently weird. Boulders fall on us when we enter valley. Ambush! Everything goes sideways but we make it through by expending everything we have. We save one for questioning.

Session 4
Wherein the party drinks. A lot.

Need to come up with plan to get into camp. We wait outside camp to try and join another group coming in. Also kill our prisoner. After 20 minutes we see one approaching from the East of the camp. We claim we were ambushed by city spies. They tell us to report to Capt. Baren. We say that our leader knew Baren but we hadn’t met him yet. Gate guards – one is napping, one is drunk.

We are led right to Capt. Baren. Middle aged, leather armor, red sun patch, and drunk. Tell him that we paid guy to get us recruited to real job. Baren seems to buy it. Abmeth convinces him we are drunk and signed on with some dude who split. We are sent out. Barrow tries to swipe some papers from Baren’s desk but fails. We exit and Baren heads to the back of the camp to a really big hut with armed guards near a cave. Abmeth hangs out with the hunters and chit-chats. Barrow dodges back in Baren’s tent and riffles through his papers. Payrolls, some Lieutenant Darys Stone, Commander Sill Barlub, Cyanwrath references. Looks like there were three dozen red sun and some number of bandits. Abmeth finds a keg and joins the party.

They tell us a scary story about terror guys they trapped in a Temple and who killed half the cultists. “We almost killed a party of heroes!” Then a story about how the heroes killed an entire ambush. Dragon finished the heroes off though, so it’s cool. Refers to some cultists as dragonclaws. Hear there is a wounded tent, head off in that direction. We get some bandages and Alisrassa bandages up her face. Then Mikko bets on a dog fight and buddies up with Black Sail Pirates. He learns there are a dozen and a half Black Sails. They’re on contract with no loot. Apparently all spoils are for a “Hoard of the Dragon Queen,” you know, Tiamat. Don’t know what the next job is. Becomes friends with Black Sail named Naveren.

Barrow asks about Storm Blades, some other mercenaries. “Bunch of stuck up assholes.” Their commander insists on weapons practice. Learn that Cyanwrath and Frulam live in big Tent. Don’t know what is in cave.

A bit later an older man in polished armor tells us to line up for a work detail. Mikko gets selected for that, Renn and Naveren are sent to weapon’s practice. Abmeth is selected for helping with the wounded. Alisrassa gets put on prisoner work duty to build latrines. Barrow gets TSA duty.

Renn – Weapon drill time. Practices with spear. Formation marching failure, Renn tells Stone he is new and is made to spar with another to “learn what you can do.” Renn smashes other guy in a flashy display. Impresses Stone. Introduces himself as Lt. Darys Stone, of the Storm Blades, “the only honorable company in this camp.” Seems less enthused about current contract.

Alisrassa – March to prisoner area where three dozen prisoners are, lashed to posts. Some of them are malnourished and mistreated, some of them are new. Little make-shift tent in area. Two cultists in uniform are standing guard over tent and we ignore it. We take the prisoners to latrine land and make them dig latrines. They are told to fill in latrines with hands. I convince pirates to get them shovels so work gets done faster and we can “have some fun.” I make them dance so it looks like hard work but gives them a bit of a rest.

Barrow – Inspection time. Finds some silverware made of silver. Kobold claims he knows Barrow from town. Barrow attacks him. Failing to kill him, it is lying time. Red Sun officer beats up kobold and drags him away.

Mikko – Sentinel duty. Chats up cultist on duty with him. He’s been with the cultists for a week. Doesn’t know how they got the dragon to help them at the town. Has heard they’re going to get paid really big soon, and doesn’t Mikko want to be a cultist? They’re building hoard to ameliorate Tiamat’s wrath when she returns. Plan with mercenaries to loot a lot and not pay them much. 80 cultists in camp. A boar attacks and almost wins.

Abmeth – Wounded camp. Amputation time! Claims he was a field medic for three seasons and does a masterful amputation. Medical acolyte tries to recruit him after being impressed. Finds out treasure is in cave. Also dragon eggs. Officers and dragonclaws are allowed in. Then Abmeth knocks patient out with fire, acolyte sees him do magic. She exclaims and runs off to find someone. The failure to dissemble results him in being dragged in front of Frulam Mondath. Claims magic is from mimicking priests of Tyr who fired him for stealing. Frulam tells him to get on his knees and praise Tiamat. He praised Triamrat and is dismissed as too stupid to be useful.

Party reconvenes in camp. Mikko goes back to cultist buddy and says he wants to join cult. We spread rumors about cultists stiffing mercenaries. Meanwhile Mikko’s cultist buddy tells about monk who infiltrated camp and pretended to be cultist. Frulam Mondath detected him somehow. Mikko and cultist then go to rough up monk for fun. Mikko goes into tent and finds monk. Pretends to beat him up and then talks to him. Mikko walks him out of the camp. Party decides to go with since our cover is likely blown now. We book it and get away.

We make it back to town with Leosin. He tells us they were very alarmed he was in their camp and about finding heroes in the town. They are planning on splitting out from camp in teams with loot. After 30 (What? No, you long rested after the raiders left — we went 20 miles, screwed around in camp, and came back 20 miles… close enough) hours straight of adventuring we stumble into walls and fall asleep.

Session 5
The Cave

Leosin sends us back to the camp in hopes that we can locate and destroy some dragon eggs. If we are successful, the plan was to meet him and Onthar Frume Elturel to collect our reward. After resting up, the party heads back to the camp.

Barrow is feeling extra sneaky and magically disguises himself as a kobold. Kobolds are rumored to occasionally bring meat into the cave, so Barrow picks up a haunch to use as a pretext for wandering around the camp. He scouts ahead and finds that the camp is almost entirely deserted. There are a couple of hunters that the party managed to sneak around. Two Dragon’s Claw cultists are guarding the cave mouth, but the party manages to take them out and hide the bodies without raising an alarm.

Once inside the cave, Barrow finds one flaw in his disguise: real kobolds can see in the dark, while Barrow requires the use of a lantern. The party decides to continue on together. They bypass one door, guessing that it likely contains armed guards. Down one flight of stairs Mikko stumbles and falls into a patch of carnivorous, moving fungus. Barrow throws the haunch to distract them and the party continues down a corridor in the opposite direction.

The next chamber is filled with ill-tempered bats. Not wanting to disturb them, the party cautiously sneaks through here. They come to more stairs downward, a stinking drop-off, and a narrow corridor. Down the stairs the party finds a curtain of leather strips. There are barbs concealed in the strips that the party later learns to be poisonous. Behind the curtain is a butcher’s room containing several hanging animal carcases. Barrow grabs another haunch.

The party heads back up the stairs, only to run into a group of flying kobolds. The kobolds silently withdraw down the narrow corridor and out of sight. The party pursues. When the corridor widens to about twenty feet across, Barrow creates an illusory cave wall where the party hides. They manage to ambush the flying kobolds when they return with reinforcements. Mikko puts many of them to sleep while the party fights the ones left standing. Eventually one kobold is taken captive and tells the party about the traps: carnivorous fungus, poisoned hooks, and boulders falling down a staircase. Not wanting to raise the alarm, Abmeth kills the kobold while Mikko pretends not to notice.

The party continues down the corridor and finds what appears to be a combat training room. There is a cage wall that contains training dummies and several drakes that were seen attacking the town. There is a door in this room, but the party thinks the eggs might lie lower in the cave. They return to the stinking dropoff.

The dropoff turns out to be only 5-feet deep and appears to be a garbage pit. There are some humanoid corpses in there and Barrow jumps down to investigate. When he digs to remove a metal object he is attacked by several troglodytes. Abmeth jumps to his aid, and Renn throws down a rope to help him escape. Barrow climbs out, but Abmeth takes some disgusting damage before defeating the troglodytes. The only exits from that pit were tiny troglodyte tunnels, so the party returns to the training room with the door.

Behind the door the party finds a staircase leading upwards. They manage to identify a trapped stair and avoid it as they ascend. They immediately hear movement above them and the party races upward to meet whatever might be waiting to ambush them. Find out what it is next time!

Session 5.5

Mayor Nighthill tells us that the goblins have stolen Christmas. Guide Fenton will take us to some goblins so we can get Christmas back. Barrow scouts ahead finding reindeer and cauldrons and merry goblins after sneaking past a bear. He shoots at the gobbos and then runs away leading them past the bear. This results in Barrow getting shot down and the Bear mauling Mikko. Defeat eventually happens.

We come back to the goblin cave and trip an alarm. Search around finding little. Squeeze into cave. Get attacked. We kill everything and then get attacked from a wooden wall built into a cave wall. Reinforcements are also killed. And then we skip down to the bottom of the cave. There is a big cave with a christmas tree and stocking and treasure. I advance in to room using a door as a tower shield, then get a net dropped on me near the tree. Two ugly sweater goblins and six normal goblins attack! We smother them under an avalanche of spells and steel.

Santa leaves us a loot pile at the cave entrance. Hurray!

Session 6

We attack some kobolds. Their Tiamat granted wings do not save them. Then we take a short rest to catch our breath before finishing the cleansing. Then we descend a staircase. There we find a clean finished cavern. Unfortunately there is also Cyanwrath and a bunch of powerful cronies. Alisrassa wounds him near unto death thanks to Bahamut. After several minutes of grueling fighting Mikko bolts back up the stairs believing the rest of the party slain. Thankfully Bahamut disagrees and Alisrassa manages to get the party back up by the skin of her Divine Favor. In the end we prevail.

We climb up a rope to find Frulam Mondath who wants to talk and has a magic carpet. She wants us to let her escape, we try to convince her, tell her about dragon’s directions to kill her. This shakes her but she refuses to repent. Abmeth tries to surprise attack her. We enter combat, and Barrow magically locks the door behind her, cutting off supposed reinforcements. Even imaginary dragon flock spell doesn’t save her and she goes down. Her reinforcements manage to get into the room only to have three die from readied actions. The other eight flee.

We read the papers on her desk and find:

Partial journal – Frulam was unhappy with Rezmir’s decision to take treasure and leave eggs with minimal guard. Also she had most prized jewels with her from town heist. Something about Lenithon said he killed party of adventurers but Cyanwrath said he’d killed the party paladin later. Something about logistics of taking treasure to Baldurs Gate. Camp logistics, raid preparations, bad dragon poetry with disturbing erotic imagery.

Logistics records – Names, factions, dealings in Baldurs Gate, lots of accounting records. Mention of Ivan Greenbottle and some kind of transaction with him in Baldurs Gate.

Quite a few pages – Very confusing writing. Code obviously. Multiple cyphers at work. Was written in Draconic.

Session 7

Execute dragon eggs and return to town. There we report on our efforts. Head out to the Sunset Mountains to meet up with Leosin and get our promised reward for taking out the dragon eggs.

In a mountain pass we find a wounded guy. Says something about his wife and being attacked, we round corner to find weird shadow monster something? I recall a name… Peryton. Strangely it casts a human shadow resulting in us beating it unconscious instead of dead. Apparently more are flying in the sky and we make for a cave. Abmeth makes it into a cave filled with corpses including a recent kill of a woman with her heart torn out. With the ability to dive-bomb without provoking us we are forced to retreat. With all of us in the cave, four of them fly down and attack Alisrassa.

This ends poorly for them. We grab the guy to get him under cover and he cries about his dead with. We bury the corpses after looting the Peryton cave. 50 miles later we see light in the distance that looks like a small sun. We make to Elturel which has an artificial sun which makes undead leave. City is dedicated to Torm, but there is a temple of Tyr where Abmeth heads off to. Onthar Frume, a paladin of Torm, is in town and is person Leosin said would reward us.

We spend some time shopping and wheeling-dealing. Then we go to A Pair of Black Antlers, a Paladin of Torm bar where Onthar hangs out. We finds Leosin and Onthar there. Onthar welcomes Abmeth profusely. Onthar tells us that the Cult has been active all over the Sword Coast attacking towns and villages. They used to mostly hang out in the East trying to make Dracoliches. Some of the treasure is going to Baldurs Gate, some going North but haven’t been able to trace any. Offers us membership to Order of Gauntlet (Leosin offers membership with Harpers.) Half the party joins the Order of the Gauntlet, the other half the Harper. Abmeth joins both.

Tells us when we get to Baldurs Gate to contact Ackyn Selebon. He makes wagons and may know about cults or something. Apparently Cult sneaks treasure by traveling through wagons that are not in Cultist livery. We must attach ourselves to one of their caravans and protect it until they reach their destination so that we can kill everything and burn it to the ground if the chance comes up. Or tell our allies where it is.

Session 8

Onthar gives us our mission in clear terms: find cultist caravan, get in it, and find out destination without getting caught. Ratley Xafiq is a Harper contact in Baldurs Gate who is associated with the thieves’ guild . Gauntlets has a small outpost in Baldurs Gate too. Alisrassa tells Onthar about her little… problem in private. He points her to the “Song of the Morning Temple” and talk to Highlord Keldeth Dongler about it. We learn that Mikko’s beard grows really really really fast. Everyone gets disguised a little bit, Abmeth buys a fedora and holds it. Renn releases a hedgehog free and it immediately eaten by a falcon.

We head down the river on a boat. On the second day some guy waves at the boat and tries to get us to pull over to his wagon with donkey. We pull over and he comes over. Gives us a huckster routine and sells Mikko a magic ring that at least levitates itself. We continue on our way. On the third day we arrive in Baldurs Gate. There we learn Barrow fell off the boat.

Mikko and Alisrassa go shopping. We buy four charges of Dust of Dessication and Mikko gets his ring appraised. It only levitates itself. We also buy a buff hedgehog for Renn. Meanwhile Abmeth and Renn are searching for the Ratley Xafiq. They learn he operates in the docks but don’t find him that day. Evening falls and Mikko heads to a fancy inn called the Dancing Monkey where the bards are famous. Alisrassa heads to a caravan guard inn. Sounds like it is peak caravan season before the summer.

Next morning Alisrassa heads to Temple of Lathander. She meets with Keldeth who tells her that she is not dead or undead. Which is good. But apparently her spirit and body aren’t properly connected. Almost like an incomplete resurrection, kind of like how ghosts work. Or a possession. Advises Alisrassa that she avoid ghosts since she has such a bad hold on her body. Everyone else finds Ratley who is 14. One guy cultists work with is called Tikit. Also a Mr Foxtrapper [apparently this is Tikit’s last name]. There was another Harper agent who passed through a few weeks ago and he left with a shipment. Then they go talk to Ackyn. Some Black Sail pirates try to recruit the party. Abmeth trash talks them about the Red Suns being better and something about Greenest, and how no one has heard of the pirates at all. the party beats the pirates up and hand over the unconscious pirate leader to the Flaming Fists. They’re all like “Ah, Capt. Kreel finally met your match, here’s a reward.”

Only one hedgehogs were harmed (much) or kidnapped (permanently) this session.


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