Assorted Minor NPCs


Featured in S-1, S-2, S-3, and S-4. Party was active near Greenest in S-5 through S-7, left in S-7.

Castellan Astalon Astabert – Castellan of the Greenest Keep. Led defense of town during raid.

Leena the Cleric – Was in charge of the wounded at Greenest Keep during assault.

Leosan/Leosin – Monk from Belghast who infiltrated the Cult Camp and was rescued from imprisonment by party. Had previously been in Candlekeep and was continuing investigation of Cult of the Dragon. Half-elf with beard, moustache, black hair, and a slight build. Apparently he is a Harper. Buddies with Othar.

Mayor Nighthill – Mayor of Greenest, very keen on getting the party to help against raiders.

Nessan Moladra – Monk from Belghast, under command of Leosan.

Featured in S7. City on the way from Greenest to Baldurs Gate. Has an artificial sun of some kind that wards against Undead.

Elturel Frume – Member of the Order of the Gauntlet (paladins? mercenaries?) in the city of Alturo. Short, broad, and wearing plate. Worships Torm. Buddies with Leosin. Officer of the Order of the Gauntlet.

Baldurs Gate

Baldurs Gate is the second city of the Sword Coast and is very, very large. This has the happy consequence of meaning that at least some minor magic items are available for purchase. The local city guard consists of Flaming FIst mercenaries.

Ackyn Selebon – A contact given to us by Leosin in S7. Works as a wagonmaker. Has a general knowledge of caravans and their culture.

Ratley Xafiq – Harper contact in Baldurs Gate met in S8. Works in the docks at a warehouse and is 14. Has Thieves’ Guild connections. Not particularly knowledgeable or useful.

Assorted Minor NPCs

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