Cult of the Dragon

What is the Cult of the Dragon?

The Cult of the Dragon has always had something to do with dragons. It currently appears to employ cultists who like to wear purple, kobolds, mercenaries, and lizard looking people (in black and blue so far). They are gathering a hoard for Tiamat and all signs point to a desire to make some really bad apocalyptic “everyone melted by acid” scenarios come to pass.

Where is the Cult of the Dragon?

A portion of the Cult of the Dragon was operating near Greenest, a small town somewhere on the Sword Coast. There they had (as of S3 ) at least one-hundreds humans, two or three hundred kobolds, and an unknown number of supporting creatures.

Currently employing Red Sun mercenary company (mostly follows mercenary code but a little scummy), Black Sails pirate company (pirates apparently), Storm Blade company, and assorted ruffians.

The main force of the cultists seems to have moved on, possibly in the direction of Baldurs Gate (as of Session 6). They are known to be shipping loot from Baldurs Gate to whereabouts unknown (S8).

Who is the Cult of the Dragon?

Cult of the Dragon

Blue Dragon – Big blue dragon, tasked party with killing Lady in Purple Robes after humiliating them (S3).

Landregosa Cyanwrath [Dead] – Blue Lizard Guy – Huge greatsword fighter who has at least two attacks per round, an ego the size of the planet, and some real bloodlust issues. Notably he killed Alisrassa in single combat without the slightest effort (S3). Deceased as of Session 6 after being ambushed by the party.

Frulam Mondath [Dead] – Lady in Purple Robes – She wears purple robes. Reportedly commands army. Talks to Rezmir the Black Lizard Guy. Deceased as of Session 6 after failing to negotiate a retreat with the party.

Rezmir – Black Lizard Guy – Person Lady in Purple Robes may or may not report to. Is black colored instead of blue. Enjoys blueberries and the sound of breaking instruments. That last part is conjecture.

Dragonclaws – Higher ranking cultist guards. Privileged to enter more sensitive areas.

Affiliated Mercenaries

Black Sails Pirates
Swarthy uncouth pirate band. Known for being scum. Enjoy beating prisoners for no particular reason. Roughly a dozen and a half individuals in service at Cult Camp as of S4. A group of them were routed in Baldurs Gate during an attempted press-ganging (S8).

Naveren – Black Sail Pirate that Mikko briefly befriended during S4.

Red Sun
Reasonably organized mercenary organization, known for generally respecting mercenary code. Almost three dozen in service at Cult Camp as of S4.

Captain Baren – Leader of the Red Sun, a mercenary outfit from the Southern Sword Coast who is contracted with the Cult of the Dragon.

Commander Sill Barlub -

Storm Blades

Highly professional mercenary band that seems to have hit a rough patch resulting in their working a contract with the Cult. Not enthused about it. Like weapons and marching drills a lot. Lieutenant Stone remarked that they were the “only honorable company in [Cult camp].” Unknown number in service at Cult Camp as of S4.

Lieutenant Darys Stone – Leads weapon drills and generally tries to whip mercenaries in Cult camp into shape. Respects skill and tried to recruit Renn into the Storm Blades during S4.

Cult of the Dragon

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