Teepeekay of Dragons

Session 11

Alisrassa patrols around the caravan and catches sight of Laspero chasing someone off from his wagon. Also note who is more protective of wagons, namely: Olishia (human – cult hand signal) very aloof, Alteri (elf), and thief wagon Akad (drinks a lot and talks a lot with his guards but not with anyone else), and Belias who is talkative but his guards keep people away. Everyone else is pretty friendly. Renn helps exotic birds guy gleaning some favor. Abmeth hangs out in a wagon. Everyone is depressed by the cold wet hail falling all day.

Eventually we arrive at the “Lonely Traveler Inn.” Somerdag the wagon driver walks up to the Inn only to find that the Inn is booked up. One of the guards points out that no-one is here. In the common room a group of four well dressed aristos calls out that no poor people are welcome because they’ve booked the whole place. Everyone files back out of the Inn except for Barrow who saunters past the cultist wagon to do a headcount. Barrow asks Alisrassa to convince the noble Lennoth traveling with us to talk to the jerks in the Inn. Lenoth and his plate mail guy and wizard of no small reputation head in. Two minutes later he bursts out incredibly offended. The night goes poorly, and the next morning we feel poorly.

The next evening Barrow investigates Akad the thief wagon and finds tons of loot. Abmeth helps out people with their medical issues after all the bad weather, especially guards. He gains some goodwill. Renn notices Radisear, a caravanier without a wagon, keeps to himself a lot too. Time passes.

Barrow decides to check out Belias. He enlists Alisrassa to chat but she’s terrible at it. Abmeth investigates Bades Shishapol who is a half-elf who is pretty diplomatic and likes to talk. Apparently he’s shipping rare ales from the South for a nice fat margin in the North. He lets Abmeth look in his wagon and sells his a small shot for 1gp of his wares. It is delicious, cinnamonny and magic. Super strong. Renn tries to sneak a peak at Belias’ map he seems to be working on. The map appears to be a map of the Tradeway he’s drawing himself. She also hears a tiny jingling from the wagon. Time Passes. We pass Dragonspear Castle. More Time Passes.

Gnoll ambush! One badass scary Gnoll leader picks us out to assault, points at us and everything. We kill him and we notice some of the wagons have been isolated and the gnolls are trying to sneak off with the wagons using wargs to run away. They took Akad’s wagon, Cult signal guy, and Belias’ wagon. Alisrassa, Renn, and Barrow take chase. It is a mighty and rousing chase off the road and into the woods. We chase them through a beautiful glade that then gets more supernaturally beautifully. Alisrassa asks a local bird for the way out in elven, who replies in elven that he don’t know nothing. The gnolls try to prod us away from both wagons and Alisrassa attacks. Renn and Barrow retreat to sniping range and bring down the gnolls one by one while Alisrassa defends herself as they vent their rage upon her. This works thanks to gnolls being both stupid and angry. We win!

Abmeth joins us and we climb up on the wagons to get away from the wargs. Alisrassa checks wagons and finds a bunch gold and valuables. We ransack our brains and decide that we’re in the Feywild. Barrow uses illusion to convince the loose wargs to go chase a deer. We take a short rest and fix the wagons. We go on for a while and meet a Unicorn who tells us that the Fairy Queen doesn’t permit intruders and has to give permission to leave, and is a bit batshit. She can be placated by a super wonderful meal. He makes us a magic compass to find super ingredients. He warns us not to piss her off.



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