Teepeekay of Dragons

Session 5

The Cave

Leosin sends us back to the camp in hopes that we can locate and destroy some dragon eggs. If we are successful, the plan was to meet him and Onthar Frume Elturel to collect our reward. After resting up, the party heads back to the camp.

Barrow is feeling extra sneaky and magically disguises himself as a kobold. Kobolds are rumored to occasionally bring meat into the cave, so Barrow picks up a haunch to use as a pretext for wandering around the camp. He scouts ahead and finds that the camp is almost entirely deserted. There are a couple of hunters that the party managed to sneak around. Two Dragon’s Claw cultists are guarding the cave mouth, but the party manages to take them out and hide the bodies without raising an alarm.

Once inside the cave, Barrow finds one flaw in his disguise: real kobolds can see in the dark, while Barrow requires the use of a lantern. The party decides to continue on together. They bypass one door, guessing that it likely contains armed guards. Down one flight of stairs Mikko stumbles and falls into a patch of carnivorous, moving fungus. Barrow throws the haunch to distract them and the party continues down a corridor in the opposite direction.

The next chamber is filled with ill-tempered bats. Not wanting to disturb them, the party cautiously sneaks through here. They come to more stairs downward, a stinking drop-off, and a narrow corridor. Down the stairs the party finds a curtain of leather strips. There are barbs concealed in the strips that the party later learns to be poisonous. Behind the curtain is a butcher’s room containing several hanging animal carcases. Barrow grabs another haunch.

The party heads back up the stairs, only to run into a group of flying kobolds. The kobolds silently withdraw down the narrow corridor and out of sight. The party pursues. When the corridor widens to about twenty feet across, Barrow creates an illusory cave wall where the party hides. They manage to ambush the flying kobolds when they return with reinforcements. Mikko puts many of them to sleep while the party fights the ones left standing. Eventually one kobold is taken captive and tells the party about the traps: carnivorous fungus, poisoned hooks, and boulders falling down a staircase. Not wanting to raise the alarm, Abmeth kills the kobold while Mikko pretends not to notice.

The party continues down the corridor and finds what appears to be a combat training room. There is a cage wall that contains training dummies and several drakes that were seen attacking the town. There is a door in this room, but the party thinks the eggs might lie lower in the cave. They return to the stinking dropoff.

The dropoff turns out to be only 5-feet deep and appears to be a garbage pit. There are some humanoid corpses in there and Barrow jumps down to investigate. When he digs to remove a metal object he is attacked by several troglodytes. Abmeth jumps to his aid, and Renn throws down a rope to help him escape. Barrow climbs out, but Abmeth takes some disgusting damage before defeating the troglodytes. The only exits from that pit were tiny troglodyte tunnels, so the party returns to the training room with the door.

Behind the door the party finds a staircase leading upwards. They manage to identify a trapped stair and avoid it as they ascend. They immediately hear movement above them and the party races upward to meet whatever might be waiting to ambush them. Find out what it is next time!



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