Teepeekay of Dragons

Session 9

Barrows walks into Baldurs Gate and tracks down the boat that he fell off of. He learns crew was last seen dumping pirates off at guard house. He heads over there only to be recognized from a wanted poster. Beating feet the chase ensues. Barrow ducks down an alley, disguises himself as a homeless kid and makes his getaway. He then embarks on finding the rest of the party by finding the Harper agent first. This, unsurprisingly, works out. Barrow gets a big lot of clues.

Barrow rejoins the party after finding them in their inn, and meets them for breakfast. Alisrassa gives him a present of 2x Dust of Desiccation doses and waits for him to put his contact into good use. Barrow learns that Tikit is with Shadow Thieves Guild but he’s been into some heavy stuff lately including problems in the Guild itself. He is protected somehow even from the Guild’s disapproval. Also saw guard called Wilson give a Cult handsign. He also spotted lizardy person in palanquin who was black.

Barrow then talks to Ackyn to figure out which caravan to work with. Uses this as way to talk about Wilson. Dropping Onthar’s name makes Ackyn very helpful but he doesn’t know about shady parts of his business. Mikko reveals he figured out the cipher we found earlier and learned about how dragons think and their magic works from the encoded text. Mikko starts working as a loader for caravans to try and catch some bad business. He immediately makes friends with a guy named Faygo to help him in his plan. The rest of the party joins him since it seems the least risky. We work the yard for a few days.

Finding nothing quickly, Alisrassa reminds Barrow that following up on mercenary band activity in the city may provide leads. Black Sails already being known for instance. Barrow finds that Pinsion is a Red Sun factor that lives in Baldur’s Gate but not much else. We go talk to Pinsion. He sends us to talk to a Lieutenant Norris 15 miles East of here. Barrows rifles their files while Alisrassa distracts Pinsion. Back at the caravan place Alisrassa spots Wilson giving a five-fingered Cult salute to a woman who is dressed wildly. Wilson fails to inspect the wagon. We decide to attach to this wagon. Ackyn helps and tells us a bunch of names. We try to hire up with Lasero, a silent guy. Mikko works for free, Alisrassa shows some skill and earns 5gp/tenday pay. He has a gargoyle statue in the back of his wagon attached by a silver wagon. Owen is shipping exotic birds to Waterdeep. Barrow is offered 2gp/tenday.



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