Teepeekay of Dragons

Session 12

We follow the compass until it brings us to a log house. Mikko heads in hearing no one home. There are three bowls of porridge in dining room. An hour later three bears walk up to house. Mikko runs out the back. A standoff occurs with a compass demanding porridge, and bears demanding we shove off. Alisrassa loses a pearl trying to negotiate. A box of infinite rats is brought up next. This fails to impress, then Renn makes a roast rat on a stick. This works better and Barrow steals the porridge. The bears attack and we all try to run away. The chase goes on for some time, leaving Alisrassa on the ground bleeding to death. The party beats the little and the medium bear unconscious and we make our escape while the big bear drags his family back to his house.

Long rest time! In the morning the forest is covered in black mushrooms. Mushrooms let out horrible deathwhails when crushed. May cause PTSD. Abmeth harvests a bunch and casts protection from poison on Mikko and the hedgehogs when they fail to resist the mushroom menace. We continue on and break through the mushroom area. After a few more hours we come to a cabin made of bread. The compass indicates the door. We unsuccessfully try to take the door down. Instead we open the door and find a sleeping girl and a baking thing. The thing is bread and it is perfect.

We fall asleep, and awake on a volcano with the sleeping girl and some of the furniture. Barrow tries to talk to girl, then runs off. Starts shooting at party. Fight goes nowhere as witch is strongly resistant to damage. Then we gave up on the internet, the end.



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