Teepeekay of Dragons

Session 7

Execute dragon eggs and return to town. There we report on our efforts. Head out to the Sunset Mountains to meet up with Leosin and get our promised reward for taking out the dragon eggs.

In a mountain pass we find a wounded guy. Says something about his wife and being attacked, we round corner to find weird shadow monster something? I recall a name… Peryton. Strangely it casts a human shadow resulting in us beating it unconscious instead of dead. Apparently more are flying in the sky and we make for a cave. Abmeth makes it into a cave filled with corpses including a recent kill of a woman with her heart torn out. With the ability to dive-bomb without provoking us we are forced to retreat. With all of us in the cave, four of them fly down and attack Alisrassa.

This ends poorly for them. We grab the guy to get him under cover and he cries about his dead with. We bury the corpses after looting the Peryton cave. 50 miles later we see light in the distance that looks like a small sun. We make to Elturel which has an artificial sun which makes undead leave. City is dedicated to Torm, but there is a temple of Tyr where Abmeth heads off to. Onthar Frume, a paladin of Torm, is in town and is person Leosin said would reward us.

We spend some time shopping and wheeling-dealing. Then we go to A Pair of Black Antlers, a Paladin of Torm bar where Onthar hangs out. We finds Leosin and Onthar there. Onthar welcomes Abmeth profusely. Onthar tells us that the Cult has been active all over the Sword Coast attacking towns and villages. They used to mostly hang out in the East trying to make Dracoliches. Some of the treasure is going to Baldurs Gate, some going North but haven’t been able to trace any. Offers us membership to Order of Gauntlet (Leosin offers membership with Harpers.) Half the party joins the Order of the Gauntlet, the other half the Harper. Abmeth joins both.

Tells us when we get to Baldurs Gate to contact Ackyn Selebon. He makes wagons and may know about cults or something. Apparently Cult sneaks treasure by traveling through wagons that are not in Cultist livery. We must attach ourselves to one of their caravans and protect it until they reach their destination so that we can kill everything and burn it to the ground if the chance comes up. Or tell our allies where it is.



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