The Hoard Formerly Belonging to the Dragon Queen

Money & Such

Fightin’ Stuff

Magic Item Values:
Common 50-100gp
Uncommon 101-500gp – +1 weapons are “uncommon”
Rare 501-5000gp – +1 Armors are “rare”

Bracers of Archery Boris “Barrow” Greenbottle
+1 Shortbow Boris “Barrow” Greenbottle
Hat of Disguise Alisrassa Chthonal
Pendant of Draconic Focus: +2 Con, +1 max ki. Must attune. The insignia of the Harpers is engraved on the back. Formerly owned by the monk Leosin Erlanthar. Renn Auvreathem
Gauntlets of Unyielding Devotion (with the Tiamat depiction scrubbed off) – Casts Divine Favor at most 1/day, but only recharges when you crit a worthy foe with a weapon attack. Must be lawful alignment and capable of casting the spell to attune. Formerly owned by Frulam Mondath. Abmeth Moorhelm



Draconic cypher pages. Very mysterious. Multiple handwriting styles. Partially decoded into Draconic.
Journal pages and some accounting records referencing Ivan Greenbottle’s dealings with a man named Ticket in Baldur’s Gate.


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